12:00pm October 20, 2014


Imagine person A of your OTP is busy on their laptop/computer at their desk and person B is feeling kind of horny. When person A waves person B off, telling them they’re busy, person B gets underneath the desk and starts caressing person A’s thighs and crotch (optionally: whispering how much they want it right now, if that’s in-character). Person A gets turned on as well and person B goes down on person A. Eventually person A gives in and pulls person B up from underneath the desk, resulting in a hot messy scene on top of the desk in the end.

12:00pm October 19, 2014


Imagine your OTP exchanging valentine’s day cards. Both cards end up being extremely cheesy or silly and makes both of them laugh before going to get dinner or watch a movie.

12:00pm October 18, 2014


Imagine Person A shampooing and rinsing Person B’s hair in the shower - whilst Person B gives Person A oral sex.

12:00pm October 17, 2014


Imagine your OTP at their wedding. When cutting the cake, Person A smashes a slice of cake into Person B’s face and smears it on their cheeks.
(Bonus if Person B does the same thing to Person A.)

12:00pm October 16, 2014


Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight. 

12:01pm October 15, 2014


Imagine your OTP having sex in a public bathroom. As Person A starts to reach the climax, they hear someone walk in and person B covers Person A’s mouth to keep them from getting caught as the stranger uses the restroom.

12:00pm October 14, 2014


Imagine your OTP having a late night cram session for finals. Person A starts becoming very tired and is dozing off, so Person B forces them out of their chair, and gets them to dance with Person B to get the blood flowing. (Bonus points if they get carried away with the dancing. Bonus points if Person C joins in as well.) Finally, they realize that they need to get back to their studying. (Optional: Not long after they sit back down they already feel tired again.)

12:00pm October 13, 2014


Imagine your OTP going grocery shopping and arguing about which flavour of ice cream to get.

12:01pm October 12, 2014


Imagine your OTP going into Build-A-Bear and making bears that look like each other.

12:00pm October 11, 2014


Imagine your OTP baking a cake together. Person A and Person B both argue over how to decorate it. (Bonus: Person C swipes a slice of cake amidst the kerfuffle.)